Spring Cleaning Your Bathroom

Spring Cleaning Your Bathroom

The end of winter approaches and the green shoots of spring are on the horizon. Your bathroom has worked overtime. Making sure the children are clean, soaking your muscles after a workout down the gym or following a football match. The day to day routine in your house means that your bathroom gets a simple clean every week. But when the spring comes it may be time for a deep clean.

You could choose to redecorate or change a mirror or bathroom cabinet but the easiest way to add more love to your bathroom is to give it an old fashioned deep clean. Here is a simple guide to spring cleaning your bathroom.


Make sure you have the right cleaning products to get the task done. These do not have to be off the shelf commercially expensive products. There are some organic cleaning compounds that you could use that are less expensive and are kind to the environment. But the products you use for your bathroom are down to personal preference. You have to remember that your bathroom is used by your whole family so be careful before and after the use of any product to ensure that it does not pose a significant risk to you, your children or indeed your pets. You will also need suitable cloths to ensure that you can clean the various surfaces in the bathroom. Ceramics and Glass are the principle areas to clean however you will need to pay attention to grouted areas, tiles, stainless steel and wooden materials. Konseling Online Make sure you have a suitable bin bag to remove any rubbish you encounter (take into account any recycling you can). Finally in terms of preparation you will need to ensure you have plenty of hot water, let’s begin grab a coffee.

Dust anybody?

Starting from the top of your bathroom, (i.e the ceiling and light fittings) use a duster to remove any cobwebs or dust that may have accumulated over the winter. A dry duster can be used on painted surfaces or you could use a little furniture polish to encourage the removal of dust. Lowongan Kerja If you have a vacuum cleaner with a long attachment then this can help with venetian blinds or the top of picture rails etc. You will need to use your duster to manually remove the dust from the top of the door frame and the top of any picture frames you have. Consider the top of any bathroom cabinets or mirrors, you will need to take any items that are stored here and dust accordingly. When these items are removed, consider their use. If you don’t use them or they are not visually attractive then remove them. If you find areas of dust that are stubborn then you will need to wash this down with hot water and a mild detergent. Lemon juice is a great alternative to detergent and leaves the bathroom with a fantastic fragrance. Take time to stand back and look for areas you have missed. Once you have reached the floor areas you have dusted your bathroom.

De clutter cabinets

There is nothing worse than storing items you just don’t need. It is even worse when the stuff you don’t need does not allow you to store the stuff you do! It is a human fact of life we store rubbish! Now is the time to get rid of anything that is not needed. Be brutal with your clutter in your bathroom. Things that should be automatically removed from the bathroom are:

Out of date medicines

Anything that has not been used in the past month

Last weeks washing

Any medicine that is out of date needs to go. It is not good to keep out of date medicine but it also poses a risk to your growing family. You do not need it get rid! Medicine refers to anything that you may be hoarding and includes your extensive collection of contact lens solution.

My favourite de clutter rule for the bathroom is anything that has not been used in the past month. Get it out of your bathroom if you have not used in the past month. It has not place in your life if you do not use it. The theory behind this bathroom de clutter rule is simple. You use the bathroom 2 maybe three times a day. This is a frequency that justifies the rule. Anything that is in your bathroom that you have not used in the past month is an observer. Naturally this does not apply to plants and pictures.

Last weeks washing.

Bring your washing up to date and try and make sure that the only dirty washing that is in your bathroom when you attempt your deep clean is contained in whatever container you use for storing dirty washing. It is useful to add that you are only human and probably work 35 hours a week like every adult in your household, so the washing will never be done. But what you can do is invest in adequate storage to house your laundry and task every member of the household to help with collating everything dirty and putting it away.

Mirrors and Cabinets

Your bathroom mirror and cabinet get used on such a frequency and yet they never get the attention a kitchen cabinet gets. The net result is cabinet shelves get a thin layer of talk or dust and mirrors get a sort of clean but it is never perfect. Now is time to clean these items.

Bathroom Cabinet

Empty the cabinet and make sure that the shelves are set correctly in its carcase. Often shelves become loose. Check the door(s) of your bathroom cabinet and make sure it/they function correctly. Clean any dust inside the bathroom cabinet and then set about restocking the shelves. Stick to the rules! Only put back what you have used in the past month. So discard any bathroom products that have not been used. There is always an unwanted gift that can be wrapped up and passed on to an Aunt for a birthday lurking at the back. The thing is you will benefit from ample space in your newly cleaned bathroom cabinet.

Bathroom Mirror

One of the most important aspects of your bathroom is your mirrors. People struggle without them and to be honest your bathroom would not be the same without them. Your bathroom mirror helps add the centre piece to your day. Now there are so many guides on how to clean mirrors, from what chemicals to use, do I use vinegar? Rolled up newspaper etc. The fact is you have a glass surface that needs to be shiny and smear free. Taking that into account clean your mirror the way you feel comfortable with. I always use a mixture of hot water and dry it down with toilet paper until the mirror is smear free and beaming my gorgeous reflection back at me. But you will have your own technique. As we are spring cleaning your bathroom you need to take into account that you will be using hot water in later tasks so you may need to come back and add some finishing touches to your bathroom mirror(s).

Fill your sink with hot waster

Now it’s time to attack the bathroom suite. It does not matter what colour your bathroom suite is, the dirt and dust accumulates in the same places and the cleaning regime is the same. Regardless of the material used in the construction of your bathroom suite you do not want to use abrasives or scourers to clean it. So the onus is on cleanliness without the expense of a scratch or two. So opt for hot water and a sponge. Again there are a number of preparatory bathroom products on the market that will assist in your bathroom clean but these can be expensive and full of chemicals. A lot can be achieved with lemon juice and bicarbonate sodas if these are available from the kitchen. Now it is time to clean.


Remove any toys or bottled bathroom products from the bath side and again start at the top and work down. Using hot water and a simple sponge clean ledges and anywhere where grime can accumulate. If you have tiles above your bath use an old tooth brushes to clean the grouting. If your grout is old and stained then use bleach with care to bring these back to life. Once the bath is clean pay attention to the taps and shower head. Again you are looking for traces of deposits that perhaps have built up over time. Use your old tooth brush to clean the join between the taps and the bath and then rinse everything down. Turn your attention to the bath toys and products that you took off the side of the bath earlier.

Bath Toys

The trusty rubber duck, loved by all but even your bathroom rubber duck gets dirty. The draw back with such bath toys is that they draw water inside that goes stagnant. This in time builds up and depending on the type of water you have can encourage the growth of mildew. This is really not nice to have in your bathroom so it is time to sort those bath toys out. Use a bucket and a mild water/bleach solution and squeeze the toy until all the flaky black mildew is passed out of the hole. There is also another role for your trusty old toothbrush; this can assist in removing stubborn mildew that has formed around rims of the bath toy.

The products removed from the edge of the bath

Put them back! It is clear that you use these products more than any other product in your bathroom. So why not keep them out where you can access them? If you are looking for a stylish way of displaying products, then bunch them in groups of threes.

Cleaning the toilet.

Lift the pan and make sure that the surfaces are clean inside the pan and under the lids. Wipe down to floor level and pay attention to the area behind the pan (under the cistern).


There is not problem vacuum cleaning the floor. Pay attention to edges and you might want to wipe down skirting boards if these are fitted? Clear any cleaning products and rubbish.

Final Touches

Grab a roll of toilet paper and wipe down your mirrors. This will clear any condensation and smears. Then pay attention to your stainless steel fittings. Taps should be shiny and devoid of water stains, move onto the sink and dry your sink. Now is the time to think about detail. You have spent all this time cleaning your bathroom, now dress it and set the standard for the next prolonged period of time. Step back and admire your cleaning. Now take a bath!

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