Easy Greek Gyro Salad | Centsational Style

Easy Greek Gyro Salad | Centsational Style


If you’ve ever walked by a gyro rotisserie, you know what that smells like! Gyro is stacked rotating sliced meat made of lamb, pork, beef, or a combination. I’m such a fan of a great gyro, I’ll seek them out in cities near and far, from street food in New York City to food carts in Europe and my local farmer’s market.

Two weeks ago I discovered Trader Joe’s sells gyro slices (where have I been?) and using them I’ve made this salad three times in the past two weeks. It has all the gyro flavors, including gyro meat, cucumber, tomato, red onion, pita crumbles, and tzatziki dressing, but instead of using pita bread, I made it into a salad for all the flavor but without the filling pita bread pocket.

The ingredients and preparation are simple. It’s just butter lettuce topped with pan seared gyro slices, cucumber, tomato, marinated feta, pita chip crumbles, red onion, and tzatziki dressing.


This recipe is for two and it’s easy to prepare. First, peel and slice the cucumbers and layer them on a plate, then lightly salt them. Slice the roma tomatoes and red onion. Crush the pita chips and layer all on top of the greens.

Slice and sear the gyro slices in a frying pan on medium high heat for two minutes, drain any fat. Blend two tablespoons of tzatziki dressing with marinated feta and add to the top. I use the Trader Joe’s vegan tzatziki dip as salad dressing mixed with the oil from the marinated feta.

Toss and serve!

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