Creative Places in Your Home for Throw Pillows

Creative Places in Your Home for Throw Pillows

Throw pillows area mainstay on sofas in living rooms. Dong this is a good way to add some character to thatroom of your home. You can use a variety of colors and sizes of pillows, too.

But putting throw pillows on the sofa or chairs of the living room isn’t the only way to decorate with these items. There are other places you can put them and strategies you can use to make the most of your throw pillows. You might want to use a Target promo code and purchase more pillows.

Put Them in Bedrooms

Probably the next most logical place to keep throw pillows would be in bedrooms. The bed of your master bedroom makes a lot of sense as aplace for these comfortable items. In this room, look for luxury and comfort.

It also works well to purchase throw pillows that match your bedding. You can find bedding sets that include throw pillows. Shop for stylish pillows that provide some elegance. This is an effective way to make your bedroom look like the inviting, comfortable, high-end room that you’re going for.

In Nightstands

Your bed isn’t the only place in your bedroom where you can keep throw pillows. A good suggestion is to place them in the nightstand next to the bed. Many people fill this piece of furniture with magazines, various papers, and other odds and ends. Often, nightstands become cluttered. Try placing quality throw pillows in here. Not only is this a good spot to keep them while you’re sleeping, but it can help you cut down on clutter.

In a Wicker Basket

Here, you have some versatility. Large wicker baskets can hold just about anything, and you can place them in so many spots in the house. People keep them in bedrooms, living rooms, even the bathroom. Try a variety of sizes and styles or even matching them with other décor in the room.

Use the Surfaces in Your Room

You can display pillows in more spots than on a bed or couch. You can also show off style and by putting them on chairs and tables, too. This is effective in gathering spots and front rooms. The pillows can match or complement the colors of your walls and other design elementsin the room.

Under the Bed in Bins

If you are simply looking for a place to get your throw pillows out of the way rather than display them, under the bed is a smart location. But you don’t simply want to shove them under there. Instead, place them neatly in inexpensive storage bins. Then, when you wake up in the morning and make the bed, you can once again arrange them as you wish.

These ideas can help you achieve more variety in your designs with throw pillows. They are also effective when you need to maximize space and store the pillows nicely and safely. Try some of these today and see the difference they can make.



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