Promoting Social Media With Branded Merchandise

Watching commercials on television over the last fifteen years is quite interesting. Trends have changed a lot, and nothing more than the information we provide in advertising. At first we were bombarded with phone numbers. Then advertisers became internet savvy and started showing us their website addresses. Now, major players who have advertising budgets of hundreds of thousands of pounds are choosing something different to promote. Something much more interactive than a static web page, and something that even made Google rethink the way they list results in their search engine; Social media.

But how can internet-savvy businesses without huge advertising spend be able to broadcast their social media sites in an offline capacity and cost-effectively?

Branded merchandise such as promotional mugs, hats, umbrellas, pens and corporate gifts are ideal.

I’ve found that sending personalized business gifts to each of my current and potential clients has increased traffic to our social media sites. This in turn has helped to move my company higher in the free organic search results, the end result is increased traffic to my sales page.

The return on investment may prove to be very high, but you must ensure that you are using a cost-effective solution to allow for higher impact, and higher returns.

I’ve found that something as simple as sending my clients a promotional mug filled with a bag of candy has really helped this campaign. Each mug is printed with our company logo, and our Facebook page (not our website address). As a direct result of this, we have now increased our fan base on Facebook by 25%, and this is just the beginning of a new and exciting campaign for us.

As we try to reach new clients and new markets, our current goal is to ship free branded merchandise with each of our outgoing mail. My experience is in the past, that companies that send me a small “something” tend to get my phone first.

With major changes in the way organizations do business with one another, our marketing strategy had to adapt and evolve into what it is today – marketing our social media brand above all else. A highly recommended tactic by anyone’s standards.

The current UK user base on Facebook is over 25,000,000 people (based on Facebook Ads targeted in the UK). Of course, there are several other social media platforms that you can add to your promotional items as well.

Branded Merchandise is available from leading UK promotional items supplier Outstanding Branding who has over 15 years experience supplying promotional items and Apparel.